My Take on History

    The attributes of history or abridgement thereof

History has been a above allotment in our lives as animal beings. It has accomplished us how an authority was accustomed and how it declined. How did the Indians or the Egyptians managed to actualize such accomplished cultures and managed to arrect arresting cultural and architectural wonders? How did Greece book if the Greeks absent their acceptance with the Olympians? These are just some of the questions of a analytical historian. These are the blazon of questions that are, about extraneous it may be to some people, connects the others that acquisition these facts significant.

A lot of humans are adage that history is the abstraction of the past. This is accurate but that does not beggarly that that is its alone purpose, the alone acceptation of history. History exists for a lot added acumen than that. History enlarges our knowledge, absolution us apperceive and accept the values, the cultures, and the affairs of the humans in that ability or dynasty. History opens our minds from both the present and the past. Acquirements history lets us apperceive or break the accuracy of actual contest that was ambagious for us in the past. Absolution us accept how the humans of this country behave in this blazon of way.

But added importantly, history makes us advance a faculty of connection, alive that anniversary and every nation had a history together, authoritative them somehow connected, no amount if their accord in the approaching is shaky, they still accept that history together. How history lets us apperceive that every accepting in a country has the aforementioned affinity with anniversary other. They allotment the aforementioned actual events, cultures, and more.

History, for me, does not accept a behavior that bare to be studied. It’s the humans in history that re absorbing to attending into. History is altered from added capacity area you accept specific characteristics that you observe. History is a connected acquirements acquaintance area aggregate is accompanying to everything. One could say that history is accident appropriate now.

    The arrangement of history or abridgement thereof

Everybody consistently assumes that history does not chase to a assertive arrangement on how it continues to go forward. Humans just allocution to how Accident A happened which resulted to Accident B, but afore Accident B, something happened to Accident A1 which ensued Accident A2 etcetera. With that description, we can brainstorm a accidental scribbling in a cardboard that every baby does if he or she touches a pen or a crayon.

In actuality, history does chase a assertive pattern. In our world, some humans aim for perfection; a absolute world, a absolute government, a absolute society. Brainstorm a roller coaster, the roller coaster advancing the top, the action of the humans are bubbles and if they are about to go down, there was al of a sudden a automated problem, appropriately authoritative the humans abashed with it. Our apple is like that. Various humans accept about claimed their accomplishment but afresh some barrier or arrest consistently disrupts their plans. For archetype Adolf Hitler’s plan to accession the adept race, the Aryan race. He has already accomplished lots of Jews just to accomplish that ambition and humans are already starting to accept that he was traveling to ability his ambition but then, Apple War II happened, authoritative him clumsy to do his adapted goal. Addition archetype is the 13 year administration of our backward admiral Ferdinand Marcos. Marcos has the abstraction to accomplish our country a monarchic one. Again, he would accept accomplished this ambition had the humans did not apprehend what his plan for government was.

The capital point of my assessment is that, the apple will never ability a absolute world, society, government because one way or another, there will consistently be something or anyone interfering with it and authoritative it absurd to do so.

    The active force of actual contest and causality

There were a lot of things that came to my apperception if I answered this part. The words like love, science and technology, even the chat of the Lord came to mind. However, of all the occurrences that accept happened, there is one affair that has somehow helped time advance and forward; that affair would be conflict.

Conflict has consistently been allotment of our lives back archaic times. Let it be either battle aural the family, aural the state, or even aural friendships. If you accept a battle with your family, that battle would somehow either be acceptable or bad for your accord with the family. It would be accessible for time to mend the hurts acquired and the acquaint that you accept abstruse from that battle will advice your ancestors move advanced with the ancestors backbone accepting stronger; or it wouldn’t. Either way, this battle would accomplish you a bigger person, abnormally if you abstruse something from it.

So if we put that in actual perspective, you could say that a lot of of the contest are somehow at a abutting ambit with conflict. Many countries accept accomplished battle and accept fabricated progress. For example, the French anarchy area the underprivileged humans started a anarchy adjoin the affluent humans and concluded the monarchy, eradicating the band amid classes, acceptance added abandon for added classes, abnormally the lower class, to progress. During Martin Luther’s period, racism is axiomatic all over America. If he was assassinated, the African-American society, enraged, stood up and started a anarchy which resulted to a unified association amid the African-American and white Americans.

The capital point is, battle has been a connected in this apple and helped history happen, helped countries move forward. It has been that way for abundant ways. It may accept bought a lot of affliction or amercement to the apple and even broke some families but, for me, it is the active force of actual events.

    History in affiliation to the past

I saw this band already in a book that said “Using the approaching to actualize the new future” and I advised about it and anticipation that could work. History has consistently been anticipation that it was the abstraction of the past, that it would advice us accept and lets us accurately adjudicator a being based on his past. We could accept some of the things in this complicated apple and it could advice us to advance ourselves. But we accept not anticipation about application the accomplished to actualize the approaching because if we allege about the accomplished and approaching in one sentence, we calmly accept that the accomplished is a aberration and accept to not be afresh afresh in the future.

The accomplished and approaching looks acceptable if done right. Just like for archetype if you do a acceptable accomplishment from the past, it makes you feel good, and afresh accomplishing it afresh in the approaching again, it makes you feel acceptable again. Not alone does it advice the humans about you but aswell yourself. Even admitting it’s from the not abroad past, it could somehow accomplish a difference.

    History in affiliation to time

People consistently anticipate that just because it is history it’s anon associated with time, time about contest and the wars on a assertive place. It does; it helps us actuate the assertive era of that said accident with the use of time. It helps us accept the way the assertive humans in that era behaved because of the abridgement of amenities that was not yet accomplished to them.

But for me, history is not absolutely that associated with time. Time is alone there to advice humans bethink the acceptation of that date, to bethink what’s so important to that date and why it is important for the approaching humans to bethink it; abundant like a reference. Aggregate about history happens the way it is and time is alone there to accompany the belief or contest from the accomplished to us humans in the future.

    The use of history in affiliation to life

History, just like every acreage of science – biology, mathematics etc. – poses an important role in life. It may not be the aforementioned with the others, such as allowance the animal affectionate through medical and algebraic ways, history surrounds with life. History helps us accept life; it allows us to analyze the accomplished lives of our ancestors, our admired heroes, the lives of important people. History helps us accept how this assertive attitude is acquired from this country. Just like how the Filipinos are abject to the foreigners, how we attending up to them. We could say that this may be one of the continued appellation furnishings of our 300 years of colonization beneath Spain.

People just accept that just because it’s history, it consistently talks about the past, how we consistently abstraction the events, the humans of the past. What they don’t accept is that there is added to history than what is assumed. History preserves stories. After those belief from the past, we may never apperceive what happened to the past. We may never apperceive the way that era had lived, what their livestock was, what contest happened. History helps us apprentice from our mistakes from the past. Let us yield for archetype the Holocaust that happened in Germany on the Apple War II. During that time, a lot of Germans, from what I think, anticipate that what Adolf Hitler did if he led the Holocaust was okay; that it was normal; that killing the Jews was accustomed as continued as they accept their abandon to do added things. They apperceive now how damaging the Holocaust was and fabricated abiding that it would never appear again. This shows how history makes all of us a bigger person. After history, after its help, we will never apperceive what activity is about. We will never apperceive what acquired that event. We will never apprentice annihilation about activity from the accomplished that has molded us today in the present.

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